Just got back from a fantastic trip out to Pennsylvania for the past four days! Took a lot of really neat shots that I can’t wait to dive into. These will probably be my most favorite shots I took the entire trip. A true view from the top, a five shot, and three shot stitched panorama of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

The shots didn’t come that easy though, it was a matter of beating the heat in Pittsburgh, and waiting for blue hour to kick in since we arrived right at noon. We had plenty of time to kill before it was time to begin photographing. One big highlight was stopping for lunch at “Primanti Brothers” right in downtown Pittsburgh with my girlfriends parents. That’s right! The one on Man vs Food!, it was delicious!

Anyway, enough about food, lets skip forward about five hours and travel over to the bottom of Mt. Washington. Here, you are to pay $2.50 and ride this elevator called “The Incline” up Mt. Washington, which seems as if its a 90 degree angle climbing straight up the hill. You are in a little cage car almost similar to a big ski lift enclosure traveling up this mountain with basically no air movement inside of this thing! It was so hot and miserable I couldn’t stand it! After that great voyage to the top of Mt. Washington we finally made it and got to see the view. The view of the entire city, it sure was gorgeous and I don’t even think a picture can truly justify how awesome this location really was. It is worth seeing yourself I promise.

Shot details: F11, ISO100, 5x 30Sec Exposures, from the complete left to right, and then stitched in CS6 to the panorama. Minimal retouching in LR5 just to adjust a hint of the shadows and blacks. Here is the resulting shot! Hope you enjoy it! You can purchase a 12 x 48 gallery wrapped canvas through the link if desired! Thanks for viewing.

Second shot details: F11 ISO100, 3x 30Sec Exposures, stitched again etc, however this was taken further to the right of Mount Washington, and was at dark instead of the blue hour of course. This is also available for purchase, please click the picture to be redirected to the store.

” Pittsburgh Blue Hour ”
” Pittsburgh Dark Hour “pitts2