Well, I can’t say this has ever happened to me before, but in my total experience with 500px.com which has been a little over 1 year now. I have had my share of photos appear on the front page of the most popular section, which alone is VERY hard to do, as some of you who know how the voting system works. Out of the thousands of images submitted every day all day it is very hard to get voted up! However, today was the first day I have ever hit the number one spot on the 500px popular photo community and is quite a feeling. Seeing my own photo right there in the number one spot is pretty incredible and makes me very happy. Thought I would share a quick screenshot of the homepage with my photo at the top of the list, a direct link to the photo can be found  ” H e r e “

Totaling in just 24 hours, this photo received:
Views: 6947
Likes: 1532
Faves: 854
45 Facebook Shares — 27 Tweets — & 35 Pinterest Pins

Here is the clip:
“Collision Course – Luke Strothman”